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As AI moves us toward the most significant artistic evolution since the Renaissance, pre-ordering a Steven Ochs original offers an opportunity for early adopters to secure a part of history. Steven's pioneering blend of AI and photomontage ushers in a new era with mesmerizing 3D illusions on flat canvases, symbolizing a leap into the post-AI epoch. These masterworks offer more than just ownership; they signify joining a vanguard movement at art's cutting edge.

Availability is highly exclusive, guaranteeing that your pre-order will secure an artwork from this collection, its details unveiled to you upon arrival. Should the piece not resonate with your collection, you have the option to send it to Steven's studio and consign it, where it will be featured in the Masterworks Market at your specified price.

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  • Current Collection ReleasingBONAZUKI
  • Available9
  • Artworks Sold11
  • Total in Collection20
  • Size2' x 2' X 2.5 inches
  • Average Delivery30 Days
  • Collection Set001

Currently Releasing
The Bonazuki Collection #1

A total of 20 in the collection will be imagined and brought to life.

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9 of 20 Available


PreOrder: Secure an artwork crafted in the distinctive Bonazuki Style, which will be created sequentially based on queue order. The specific design of your piece will remain a delightful surprise until its arrival. This exclusive offer is tailored for early adopters who value and recognize the unique essence of Steven's artistry.

This example artwork was the first of the Bonazuki Collection. Marked as the premiere of Steven's Bonazuki style, this collection is made up of 20 unique extraordinary masterworks. The curved planes of color and rich warm tones represent the upward optimism in the future of new technologies.

Preorder A Masterwork
About the work
  • Artworks are crafted in queue order. Our team will contact you post-purchase with your queue number and artwork details.
  • Each artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  • All artworks are unique, ensuring no duplicates or reproductions.
  • Should the artwork not align with your collection, we offer a consignment option through the Masterworks Market at your chosen price.
  • Copyright Ownership: Purchasers acquire the physical artwork for private display, while the artist retains copyright for reproduction and promotional activities.
  • Reproduction Rights: Reproducing the artwork without the artist’s explicit consent is prohibited.
  • Resale Rights: While the physical artwork can be resold, intellectual property rights remain with the artist. Details on resale royalties, if applicable, are provided.
  • Display Rights: The artwork can be displayed in both private and public settings, subject to specific conditions for public display.
  • Digital Use: Any digital copies provided are intended for the purchaser’s personal use only.
  • Modification: Alterations, modifications, or derivative works from the original artwork are not allowed.
  • Certificates of Authenticity and IP Documentation: A certificate outlining the IP rights included with the sale is provided.
  • SizeWidth: 2 feet
    Height: 2 feet
    Depth: 2.5 inches
  • Weight25 lbs, comes with hanging apparatus
  • Collection IDs15-35
    Bonazuki Collection #1
  • Requirements120v Electrical
  • Average Delivery Time30 days
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